Less Bias. More Accuracy.
Greater Control.

Frustrated by inaccurate sales forecasts?

Incite!Sales Opportunity Portfolio Analysis, powered by Incite! Decision Technologies, helps you overcome inaccurate sales forecasts and uncertainty about the best opportunity prioritization to achieve greater accuracy in your revenue projections and control over income.

Your sales and financial leadership will enjoy the benefits of the sales team performing more efficiently and gaining greater clarity about the top line of your business.

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Sales forecasts are notoriously biased.

We all know why. Unfortunately, we tend to rely on…
  • Availability of irrelevant information
  • Anchoring on memorable events
  • False precision versus accuracy
  • Unwarranted optimism
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Sand bagging
  • How does this affect your business?

    Lost Opportunities

    You fail to prioritize the best opportunities effectively, leading to delay or failure to close.

    Financial Surprises

    Income crunches and cash shortages take you by surprise. Production needs misalign with delivery commitments.

    Lack of Clarity

    Internal false narratives obscure the needs of your market, effectively preventing growth.

    The Incite!Sales Opportunity Portfolio Analysis Solution

    Our solution is uniquely designed to work with those companies which
    experience low frequency, complex, high value sales. These might be…
  • engineering, architecture & construction firms
  • professional service firms
  • capital equipment firms
  • start-ups
  • …who are also concerned with improving their strategic account pipeline
    management and sales & marketing governance.

    The value is supported by four key steps…

    1. Calibration

    Inputs are "debiased" to account for more accurate assessments of sales opportunities and prepped for simulation. (more)

    2. Simulation

    Simulation produces a forecast of the most likely range of sales efforts for useful interpretation. (more)

    3. Interpretation

    Meaningful results are returned in clear, graphical displays that permit important insights. (more)

    4. Communication

    Insights translate into action with the proper resources, and supports coaching and incentive programs. (more)

    The Incite!Sales Offering

    We offer the Incite!Sales Opportunity Portfolio Analysis System through two different avenues.

    Web App Subscription

    A monthly subscription to our client-supported web application. We provide the tools and some online guidance, but you provide your own data and interpretation of results.

    Contact us to learn more.

    Service Subscription

    A monthly consultative service supported by a more sophisticated model tailored to your needs that provides a more mature expertise in assessing the inputs to the model and interpretation of the results, a deeper exploration into the individual sales agent performance, and a finer-grained assessment of the individual sales opportunity characteristics.

    Contact us to learn more.

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