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Frustrated by inaccurate sales forecasts?

This time, Karen sat down to read Epitome's sales portfolio report. She couldn’t believe that the quarterly numbers were so far off again from the forecasts. Was her bizdev team just making up numbers, or was the situation with their clients just so volatile? And why did they spend so much time and effort trying to close the Gallagher deal? It was hardly worth the effort, if any!

"We can’t keep pursuing this many opportunities at such thin margins," she thought out loud. "Something has to change."

She picked up her laptop and headed down to see Bill, the CFO. "Of course, Bill will want to know how much shortfall they need to cover with their line of credit," she thought.

An explanation was definitely needed, so she took the long way around the campus to give herself time to think.

"Why do Mondays always seem to start out this way?"

Incite!Sales Opportunity Portfolio Analysis, powered by Incite! Decision Technologies, helps those in sales leadership overcome the effects of inaccurate sales and revenue forecasts and uncertainty about the best prioritization of sales opportunities.

Leadership will enjoy the benefits of the sales team performing more efficiently by obtaining greater clarity about the top line of their business and exercising greater control over their firm's pursuit decisions and outcomes.

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Sales forecasts are notoriously biased.

We all know why. Unfortunately, we tend to rely on…
  • • Availability of irrelevant information
  • • Anchoring on memorable events
  • • False precision versus accuracy
  • • Unwarranted optimism
  • • Sense of entitlement
  • • Sand bagging
How does this affect your business?

Lost Opportunities

You fail to prioritize the best opportunities effectively, leading to delay or failure to close.

Financial Surprises

Income crunches and cash shortages take you by surprise. Production needs misalign with delivery commitments.

Lack of Clarity

Internal false narratives obscure the needs of your market, effectively preventing growth.

The Incite!Sales Solution

Our solution is uniquely designed to work with those companies which experience low frequency, complex, high value sales. These might be…

  • → Engineering, architecture & construction firms
  • → Professional service firms
  • → Capital equipment manufacturers
  • → Commercial real estate firms
  • → Wealth and asset management firms
  • → IT development

…who are also concerned with improving their strategic account pipeline and sales & marketing governance.

The value is delivered by four key steps…

1. Calibration

Inputs are "debiased" to account for more accurate assessments of sales opportunities and prepped for simulation. (more)

2. Simulation

Simulation produces a forecast of the most likely range of sales efforts for useful interpretation. (more)

3. Interpretation

Meaningful results are returned in clear, graphical displays that permit important insights. (more)

4. Communication

Insights translate into action with the proper resources, and supports coaching and incentive programs. (more)

No longer frustrated by inaccurate sales forecasts!

Phyllis read through Paragons's sales portfolio report. The numbers were within the ranges of her sales team's predictions. Interesting news...industry sources were reporting that Epitome won a deal with Gallagher, but that was to Paragons's benefit. Gallagher would have yielded narrow margins, was difficult to work with, and often strung people along with implied promises and requests for free work. She was glad her team decided to back away from pursuing them.

"Let the guys at Epitome spend their money on that distraction. Better them than us. Just gives our team more margin to develop better opportunities."

Yet, the report showed that not everything was perfect. There were some potential income gaps ahead, and the team needed to figure out how to address that shortfall, especially since the gaps showed up during the time of year when receipts were often at their weakest.

Learning to think about sales opportunities in ranges of value instead of single point estimates had proven to be a little easier than she suspected. It still took some effort and coaching, but the practice was more informative than the old way. She especially liked how framing each opportunity included counter rationales for why an opportunity should be pursued. The improvement in accuracy was remarkable, but their ability to guide an opportunity to closure was astounding once they thought clearly about what could work against them and how to overcome the obstacles.

With the Incite!Sales Opportunity Portfolio Analysis system, they thought with less bias, experienced greater accuracy in their sales projections, and exercised greater control over the choices they made with opportunity pursuits and the resources they applied to capture them.

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The Incite!Sales Offering

We provide the Incite!Sales Solution through three different offerings.

Web App Subscription

  • • A monthly site-license subscription to our web-client application
  • • Initial 1-2 hour training on the proper use of the model via web conference
  • • On-line guidance and support tools
  • • Email support with 48 hour turn around time


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Web App Subscription + Training/Support

  • • A monthly site-license subscription to our web-client application
  • • Initial on-premise advanced training on the proper use of the model*
  • • On-line guidance and support tools
  • • On-call consultative support (up to 6 hrs/month)

(Requires a 1 year commitment)
*Travel costs assessed separately

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Consultative Service Subscription

  • • A monthly consultative service supported by an advanced desktop model tailored to your organization
  • • Initial on-premise advanced training on the proper use of the model
  • • Monthly tracking of sales agents' opportunity forecasting skills
  • • On-line guidance and support tools

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