Removing bias from sales estimates starts with effective calibration. Sales resources provide information to develop 80th percentile credibility bands. You capture estimates in a spreadsheet, CSV file, or CRM interface, then receive graphical feedback to calibrate the input.



Monte Carlo simulation based on the calibrated inputs gives you an accurate picture of when you will likely see revenue occur...

And where revenue crunches and income trends may occur.



Understand where to make important tradeoffs to improve the likelihood of closure of the most valuable opportunities.

Understand how to prioritize opportunities to improve the efficiency of sales and support resources.

Understand the gap between total potential income and risk adjusted income over the desired forecast horizon.



Learn from your history to improve your ability to forecast accurately.

These are just a few of the insights and analytic results you can currently obtain from the Incite!Sales Portfolio & Forecasting System.
Other inciteful outputs can be added on a customized basis. Contact us today to learn more.